Welcome to the Laser Cruising website. It is mainly for owners of Laser 16 and Laser 13 sailing dinghies but may interest anyone who enjoys the chuckle of their boat's wake in a good breeze.

I hope you find something interesting or useful here. Please get in touch if there is anything in particular that you would like to see.

Brief history:
The website was once the online presence of the Laser Cruising Association. At an EGM at Ullswater Yacht Club on 5 May 2008 the dwindling band of members agreed to dissolve the Association.

I had taken on and revamped the website, and I said I would continue it as a focus for information about the Laser 16 and Laser 13 cruising dinghies in particular.

Important note about content and copyright, which is something I take very seriously. When I took over the website I inherited a load of pages from previous administrators, some of whom had become lost in the mists. Other material has been added that people kindly sent in, and that is given full credit wherever possible. If there is anything on here that you do not wish to see here (or that you would like crediting) please just drop me a line and I will see to it as promptly as I can.

Where are we?
There is a world map showing Laser 16 and 13 locations. I had the idea that it would be good to show just how widespread and active a bunch we Laser 16/13 owners are.

However, I had not imagined it would throw up a tale as remarkable as this. Click here to read on ...

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It uses Google Maps. Some people have helpfully added "reports of" other boats. I'm keeping an open mind about that approach for the time being - but ideally let's have your name, boat number / name and maybe a comment about where you sail? It is possible to add links (to local dinghy club websites, for example) within your entry.

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